Coming soon. Turkoman reproductions

The same rug, front and back sides.

We are working on a very exciting new project in the workshop of Turkoman reproductions. The traditional felts of the Turkoman tribes featured the practical application of designs on both sides. This project is part of our research of ancient techniques that will hopefully, deepen our understanding of the craft and history. We have learned a lot already. The dark boarder and the lighter color in the center are arranged in a single layer. We think that this was to function as a frame around a painting on which a pattern could be drawn. This would make these rugs some of the earliest human paintings, as these rugs have been around for literally, thousands of years. 

Some of you may know that we used to sell the vintage tribal felt rugs, even before we made our own designs. After the sanctions, we could not bring them in to the US. Now that sanctions have been lifted, we could bring them except that there are just, no more. Sadly, no one makes these rugs anymore. That is what prompted a decision to attempt to create reproductions. We are using images from a very rare book on this subject, The Felt Carpets of Iran, by Mahmoud Javadipour. This book was written before the Islamic revolution but, was not published until, about ten years ago.